Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration! Expansion - When?

The wonderful Microsoft FS Team is set to release the Microsoft Simulator X: Acceleration! Expansion pack this fall. Can't wait to see the new scenery, new missions, and new aircraft, especially the P-51 Mustang air racer! I do tend to press on the gas pedal when I drive alone which is pretty much the same with the need for speed when you're up in the air.

Paul Lange, Lead Game Designer for Microsoft FSX, reveals some of the latest development (more like teases us!)

So how did we end up deciding to do air racing? Well, real-life interest in air racing has been active and popular since shortly after the first aircraft took to the air in the early 1900's. People will race anything and aircraft are an obvious choice...

Obviously, the FSX expansion pack does have multi-player racing, and that is a big part of the package, but it's only a large third of the deal. For those of you that don't think you want to race (maybe the same people that didn't think they would like missions...) we have more missions to offer with new experiences and things to do. Of course along with those missions, you get new scenery enhancements, new functionality, and new aircraft. Plus the mission system gets some upgrades along the way too.

Looks like the Flight Sim world can't wait for this Microsoft FSX acceleration add-on!

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Ed said...

My favourite craft in Acceleration is the AgustaWestland EH101. It's a simply superb model and flies beautifully. The F18 is too twitchy and the P51 is good, but there's better payware out there.

vance said...

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